Dirty Bird

Posted on March 15, 2015


Last Friday, I had a craving to try the new fried chicken joint at Kensington Market. It was definitely out of my way but I went anyway, wanting to try it out for myself. Reaching there, the place was overflowing with people who had the same idea as me.

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After waiting in the queue, I finally had my turn and I ordered The Up North Trip (3 pcs bone-in fried chicken and waffles with coleslaw) and The Dirty Fries (in-house poutine pile of fries, seasonings, cheddar, aioli, french fried onions and chives). It’s a lot of food I know but I could not resist not seeing the Dirty fries. In my mind, it is just too photogenic to pass up.

It took awhile for the wait as there were a lot of people before me with equally big orders. I think it is out of curiosity too that you feel compelled to see it when you see the descriptions on the board or if you see it passing you by as another person brings a tray in front of you. A lot of it looks so compelling, it could make your mouth water for your share. And as if like a cruel joke while you wait, you can definitely get that crispy fried chicken whiff as they pass you by. As I waited in my seat, I changed my mind of eating my share at home. It was a miracle that I found myself a spot, at the window to boot! LOL. I didn’t plan to eat it there but since I found myself somewhere where I can squeeze myself into, I thought I’d try a piece of the fried chicken I ordered.

They finally called my name and I excitedly opened up the box as I ordered mine to go. Just as I thought, the Dirty fries was indeed photogenic and the taste did not disappoint. I ended up eating a chicken leg and all of the Dirty Fries. The three pieces of chicken were all big in size, juicy and aptly seasoned, there is absolutely no way of eating all of it without risking a heart attack. LOL. After finishing one chicken leg and the fries, I don’t think I can eat one more morsel.

The rest of the chicken and waffles heated well in my oven next day for brunch. My weekend is a foodie’s dream, yes? :)

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