Uncle Bettys

Posted on March 15, 2015


I am one of those people who still wake up early despite weekends. That doesn’t mean I stand up though. I stay burrowed until I slowly wake up which might mean anywhere from 15 minutes to about a good solid hour. Sometimes I fall back asleep. But this lazy Sunday, I somehow started contemplating about nice poached eggs bathing in luscious hollandaise sauce. I was torn to stand up and drive downtown though. It seems to me most of the brunch spots I know are downtown. As I scanned Urbanspoon, I saw Uncle Betty’s and it’s on Yonge, just right between Lawrence and Eglinton. I literally jumped out of bed to get me my Eggs Benny!

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The beauty of walking in a restaurant for Eggs Benny really early is that there are a lot of choices for tables. I was actually surprised that the place was already half full and it wasn’t even 10am. Ah well, maybe they were dreaming poached eggs just like I did. Looking at their brunch menu, I went for Betty’s Benedicts.

And so I have my fill and my coffee but I still feel too relaxed, I think I might sleep almost immediately if I see my bed just right now. The Betty’s Benedicts were delightful with a surprise sweetness from the donut that sits beneath the Canadian bacon. I didn’t know that the version has a freshly glazed donut right below instead of an English muffin. That was a surprise that can wake up most people. But I think my contentment is making me feel sleepy. I might just have to drive home and nap. LOL.

Have a nice weekend all!

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