Cadbury #CrackIntoTheCreme Easter Egg Hunt and Let’s Be Frank

Posted on March 29, 2015


When I was invited for an Easter Egg hunt by Cadbury Creme Egg at the Artscape Youngplace, I underestimated the fun that I would have. I cannot recall the last time I did my last Easter Egg hunt. With each creme egg I find and place on my red pail, I gleefully looked for more. Halfway through I was guiltily slowing down thinking I have way too many creme eggs already. Until I retraced back my steps and found that whatever egg I found was immediately replenished. Even if I did not get one of the special prizes, I found myself still happy with my loot, wondering how in the world would I finish all of it.

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What was also fun to watch was ingenuity at play with the other participants to the Easter Egg hunt, trying to get an egg out of a glass display case. There were two eggs and a small hole on the side. I have seen a number of people attempt to poke the eggs with a variety of things: belt elongated, belt looped, a wire fashioned with a hook and with some tugging and pulling, I have seen two people actually manage to do it. It was heartbreaking to see the first one without any price after all the effort but it was exhilarating to see another one try anyway and the new egg that was added actually made all the effort worthwhile. She went home with $100 dollars and a big basketful of Cadbury Chocolates.

After I left the event, I was ready for a more savoury snack. Seeing several tweets from other foodies last week, I remembered Let’s Be Frank up at Spadina and College. It was the perfect snack, not too much, not too little. Swinging by the restaurant, from the menu, I found that there were three sizes, slider, regular and the big dog. I went for two sliders, the corn dog and the Katsu Dog. Even if the choices I made are the small option, I find the size was still generous. The Corn Dog was addicting. I think I would come back for the Big dog for that one. As for the Katsu dog, I definitely like that Wasabi kick on the back end. It seems that my Kengsington list grows longer and longer with the advent of the new restaurants opening up in this popular Toronto neighbourhood.

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