Peters On Eglinton

Posted on March 30, 2015


For the longest time that I have taken up residence in Toronto, I did not know that I have high school friends here in the same city. I was so busy building my roots that I never really sought out to find my old high school friends. The funniest thing is that I even have them on my Facebook, I always assumed they were back home. One of my classmates who lives in Saskatchewan visits Toronto a few weeks back and had the better sense than me in connecting the dots. After all these years, I meet three of them in Toronto.

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That afternoon, I got together with Lorelie, Carol and Len. Seeing familiar faces was a surreal experience and I was glad that despite that long time since our last meeting, we didn’t lose time in catching up with each other. That was easy when the meeting happened over lunch. We were planning on going to one restaurant and found out we were too early for it. Lorelie did a quick search around the area at Tomken and Eglinton in Mississauga and found Peters on Eglinton.

It didn’t occur to me that I was once there before for a work-related lunch. It surely helped when we were ordering. I remembered how big the servings were back then so we all agreed to share the Super Combo platter for two from the Munchie menu and a large Caesar Salad. The Caesar Salad was first to arrive and the plate was massive. It was more than what the four of us could finish. The Super Combo munchie platter was equally gargantuan, a plate with generous servings of ribs, chicken wings, breaded shrimp, chicken fingers and fries. Even with the four of us digging into it, it was just too much even if they said it was good for two.

The good thing though when there is too much food was that it helped prolong a really good conversation. It was exactly what we needed to catch up with each other. After so many years after high school, I enjoyed reminiscing about the old times in our school in Manila, Colegio Del Buen Consejo. If I had the presence of mind to have brought our high school year book, that would probably extend lunch to a longer hour. That detail I would surely remember for the next time we meet again. Thank you Carol, Lorelie and Len for such a nice lunch. I promise I wouldn’t be a stranger too long. :)

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