Queen Margherita Pizza

Posted on April 28, 2015


A week ago I met up with my good friend, Jojo. I have been friends with Jojo for such a long time to know that when dining with him, it is best where I can have a long time to sit as the conversation always gets long and detailed. Such is the case as we have the same job, practically have the same taste in most things so you can imagine how comfortable each conversation could become. So it is quite imperative to find a restaurant where I can take my time and sit with Jojo at my heart’s content. Last week, we choose Queen Margherita Pizza.

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I have always wanted to try this place as I have heard good reviews about them. Walking in, I was pleasantly surprised that the restaurant have ample space and a lofty feel. I love the exposed ceiling, wide retro windows and industrial lighting features. Towards the end of the hallway was a big wood-burning oven partitioned by a bar that held more wood for burning. Lately I have acquired a taste for antiques and I secretly wished that I have the same fixtures at my space.

After much gawking at the interiors of the restaurant, I finally gotten around to looking at the menu. Jojo and I opted for the prix menu where we get an appetizer, a pizza and a dessert for a set price. We opted for creamy polenta and meatballs for appetizers and the Calabrese and the La Scala Pizza.

When the appetizers arrived, I can already tell both will be hearty just by the look of it. Freshly grated willowy, slivers of cheese sat prettily on the tops of each meatball swimming in luscious tomato sauce. As for the creamy polenta, it came garnished with fresh basil and had a generous marinara sauce. Of the two, I think I would pick the creamy polenta. The taste and the texture was comforting and was a good way to start to a meal.

The two big platters of pizza followed suit. I must say both are pretty photogenic. I was in a hurry to take the pictures as I always enjoy a pizza when it is at its most gooey-est. I knew that the Calabrese one would be fiery and I must say even if it burned, I finished every morsel. I had relief when the burn was toned down by a piece of the La Scala pizza where the bitterness of the arugula and the sweetness of the tender pork belly cut through the heat. I was glad that we actually chose two pizzas that contrasted and complimented each other. I can’t really decide which one I enjoyed more as I actually would finish both if I could. Jojo and I opted not to finish the pizzas as we were mindful that the prix fixe menu included desserts too (it sure made my lunch the following day spectacular!).

For desserts, we opted for the pistachio lemon cheesecake and the tiramisu. Again the two options were a contrast to each other but I think the clear winner for me was the tiramisu. While the cheesecake was quite elegant and smooth, I am just too much of a chocoholic to pick it over the tiramisu. It was definitely as chocolatey as you can get with layers of cake drenched in espresso and generous creamy chocolate and cocoa powder to top it. These two desserts paired with really good cup of coffee was a perfect way to end my meal at Queen Margherita.

So if you are looking for a place where you can spend as much quality time with a good friend, I recommend Queen Margherita. Good place, good food and a meal with a very good friend definitely equates to a perfect meal.

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