Paramount Fine Foods at Yorkville

Posted on May 16, 2015


I have loved Paramount Fine Foods because of their decadent baklawas. Whenever I have cravings, I am lucky to be within the vicinity of their Thornhill restaurant and it is rather easy for me to give in to a craving. Last weekend, I was invited to try their new installation at Yorkville. Knowing the delicious quality of food, I was excited with anticipation of what I could get to try. I already know about a few dishes and it would be fun to discover some more.

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I brought with me my EyeCandyTO business partner, Abe Wornovitzky as I know he is a fan of Paramount too. Walking in their new restaurant at Bay and Yorkville, this Paramount installation has been elevated as the interior is sleeker and more refined. With exquisite lighting choices, leather-bound menus and tufted banquet seating, it can accommodate about 50 diners at a time. I was lucky that the host accommodated when I asked for the window seat. As I was one of the first ones to walk in the restaurant, I saw that it was still free for the taking. Abe later joined me and we decided on two appetizers and two entrée.

The appetizers were Mouttabal (Grilled eggplant, blended with tahini sauce, drizzled with virgin olive oil) and Hummus with Beef Shawarma (Chick peas paste, tahini sauce, drizzled with virgin olive oil topped with beef shawarma). Of course, it came accompanied by their in-house warm and comforting Lebanese pita bread. Abe and I specifically ordered it as in our minds they are quite photogenic. When the food arrived, it certainly did not disappoint in presentation and in taste. The Mouttabal was almost too pretty to eat, it was rather heartbreaking that we have to dip the warm bread into it. My remorse was short-lived as I had to do it all over again, as I loved the taste of the eggplant and tahini with bursts of flavour from the pomegranate seeds. There was nothing in there that I would change. The Hummus was just as decadent with the beef shawarma making it rather addicting. The size of the servings are generous, I knew then that I would be in trouble when the entree comes.

For our main dishes I went for the Beef and Chicken Shawarma with rice and Abe went for the mixed grill. I was definitely in trouble as both dishes were massive but I dove in anyways. The smell of each warm dish wafted to me and it was intoxicating. To photograph them first was rather difficult. LOL. I kept that to a minimum and started indulging with my dish and the mix of beef and chicken shawarma was so good. Filipino that I am, I was happy that they have the rice option and it made the dish perfect for me. The flavours on the meat shows that the marinade was rich in flavour as each bite sings. I stole some food from Abe’s mixed grill of striploin beef, shish tawouk and kafta served with grilled tomatoes,onions and a piece of spicy bread. I know most of them already as I have tried them on one or more occasions but I think I preferred my dish more.

When we finished, we were given baklawa for dessert. I paired it with mint tea and Abe went for a latte. I was so stuffed with comfort food, I knew I have to do a walk for the rest of the afternoon. LOL. Thank you Paramount Fine Foods for the invitation. It was surely a pleasure to have a full meal at your new beautiful restaurant at Yorkville. Congratulations on your successful opening!

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