Daniella Silver’s The Silver Platter

Posted on May 11, 2015


I never talked much what happened to my every day when I transitioned out from being a chemist to a food photographer.  The first days after leaving GlaxoSmithKline, I often spend at Indigo at Bay and Bloor by Yorkville. It is rather poetic that I am back here again to write this post. In Indigo, I always find myself by the cookbook section, daydreaming of seeing my name in one of the books one day. I literally sat in front of the shelves with cookbooks big and small, studying why a particular book caught my eye. I would then hurry back home and try out the hypothesis I have made up in my mind, practicing until I get it right.

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Studying my pictures, I am often happy with lighting and anything technical I can come up with a camera. What I learned from all the times I press the shutter is that I needed the help of a food stylist. No matter how hard I try, the precision I have as a photographer could not be said of me as a food stylist. I then contacted former classmates from an intensive food styling workshop and Abe Wornovitzky responded. Agreeing to build a portfolio on each other skills, we found that we agree on the aesthetics of food photography. We both liked comfort and we both liked warmth. With each practice that we did, we built a solid partnership that is now EyeCandyTO.

For the past years, we collected milestones along the way and we grew as better in the work that we do for our clients. Recently we completed our biggest one yet, a full cookbook shot and styled by EyeCandyTO for Daniella Silver aptly titled “The Silver Platter“. This cookbook came together from the joint passionate love for family-friendly, simple and spectacular food by Daniella Silver and Norene Gilletz.

Last Tuesday, May 5, 2015, we finally see the published book at her cookbook launch and I must say it was an adrenalin rush that I could not compare to previous heart-palpitating moments I experienced from other exciting moments in my life. To be in a room where people openly appreciate the work that Abe and I did for Daniella’s cookbook was really phenomenal. I remember the countless late nights that Daniella, Abe and I had, working hard to give her comforting recipes an equally stunning image to match. I invite you to visit this link to the see Daniella Silver’s The Silver Platter gallery we posted at EyecandyTO’s website to see our favourites.

I also have to tell you that the perk of being a food photographer is that you get to taste the dishes. One of my most favourite is Daniella’s signature cookie, Chocolate Chunk Cranberry Cookies. Luckily she has it out as a preview to The Silver Platter cookbook and I can share you the link. Take my word for it, this is one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have tasted. I could never just eat one!

The cookbook is now available for pre-ordering at Amazon.ca. I am amazed how the book quickly climbed the book rank and is currently the 55th in Amazon Bestsellers Rank.  It is such a surreal experience to see the enthusiastic response.

Congratulations Daniella for the success of the book and we wish you more along the way.  Your passion for good, simple and spectacular food resonates with the recipes you have shared through The Silver Platter.  Thank you for sharing with us at EyeCandyTO this unforgettable experience!



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