Road Grill Food Truck

Posted on May 24, 2015


When the first food trucks came into the horizon a few summers ago, I wished there would be one that would park regularly in North York. To be able to enjoy foodtruckeats before, I have to wait for a food event to happen to find them. With the changes of the rules of food trucks in Toronto, I have noticed one that is now parked just a block away from where I live. To a foodie like me, that is a definite improvement!

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For several weeks, I kept on seeing the Road Grill Food Truck as I came home from work. Driving in a car often, I kept on telling myself to do the walk so I can try it. I finally had that chance a week ago and I came to find out that they have burgers and sandwiches to offer. What makes them unique is that Persian twist to their flavours. Now for anyone that has been regularly reading my blog, you know that I have a weakness for Persian flavours, making it my go-to meal when I am too lazy to cook. I am lucky enough to live in a neighbourhood where there are a lot of Persian food options. The thought that I just have to walk a block from my condo to enjoy one is something that would make me smile ear-to-ear, eager in anticipation.

For my first try, I opted for the Kabob wrap and fries. I later found out that it was actually koobideh! It definitely is something I would come back for as it was just what I want it to be, that grilled aroma surely whetting your appetite and with a bite you would find out that it is moist and flavourful. I was also rather in-love with the fries as the food truck owner, Sia, made a point to ask me how I like my fries. I have confessed to be a french-fries-holic before and I tend to always move fries around looking for the crispy ones. The one I enjoyed from the Road Grill had a crispness that held even if it was topped with a creamy dressing. And I must say he had all of them crispy. That alone was such a treat.

And because I enjoyed both items, I went back a second time to try what Sia told me as his best item, the Steak Sandwich. And he doesn’t lie. Just the smell of the sandwich can make your tummy churn and each bite is greeted with tender cheesy strips of marinated steak. I must say I ate it too fast. I have no willpower to slow down. :)

This one would be definitely added to my North York favourites. I hope there would be more foodtruckeats. For now, I am happy that I can constantly enjoy the Road Grill. :)

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