Purple Penguin Cafe

Posted on June 7, 2015


Today was a perfect summery kind of Sunday. I thought I’d even make it better by coming out and browse about the Riverdale Artwalk by the Jimmie Simpson Park at Toronto’s Leslieville/Riverside neighbourhood. After all the indecision, I am stuck with one print, a collage of Toronto subway stations, tastefully done by photographer, Jeff Turner. I made myself go and take a walk before I commit to an impulsive buy. So I went and took solace in a cafe just one block from the artwalk and maybe I can quell my impulse.

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I walked in Purple Penguin Cafe and found myself ordering a latte an 3 apple fritters. I heard that they make it well so I thought I should get three and maybe I would bring the leftovers home. The space was small and cozy as it has dutifully purple chairs paired with their handsome reclaimed wood tables. I love the warmth of the space and maybe I can make myself forget about my whim.

So nursing my pretty latte, they called out that my freshly made apple fritters were ready. They actually make it when you order and that to me was a definite plus! I tend to like my donuts freshly fried and even to the point of scalding my tongue, to me there is nothing better. It was just how it came to me, all fragrant from the dusting of cinnamon and sugar. That was why you only have two pictures of it as I didn’t wait too long to eat it. And when I stopped eating, there were no leftovers to talk about. These apple fritters were definitely addicting as the batter is light, the treat was so fresh and hot, I could not help myself but finish all three in just a few minutes.

And now I am in trouble here about buying a box of apple fritters to go. An impulsive buy quelled by another? Can you see the irony in that???

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