Za Pizzeria

Posted on June 14, 2015


One of my most favourite dining partners is Diona Joyce, a.k.a. @TitaFlips of Kanto. We share a love of food and each time I share a meal with her, I tend to become more aware of the different flavours as she always try to name what makes a dish so good. And as she figures it out, I see her get excited translating the same combinations to a potential Kanto best seller. It really entertains me that she shares this brainstorming with me. It’s a conversation I would never grow tired of.

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But with the advent of summer, Diona is rather busy to get into any of the new places I visit. Too many food events, food commitments to stop for a bite. But last week, I had an epiphany. If she can’t come to try new dishes all around Toronto, I’ll bring the food to her. I felt like smacking my forehead for not coming up with this idea sooner. I wondered why I didn’t think of it before.

So I scoured my list of restaurants to try and I came up with Za Pizzeria I thought that this would be easy enough for Diona to eat a pizza as she runs around in daze, multitasking a-hundred-and-one different things. It is bewildering really to watch her jump from one thing to the other but I am used to it.

Za Pizzeria was easy enough to find as it was just right across my other favourite hang-out place, Futures Bakery. Set up as a take-out place with several bar stools up by the window, it is a squeeze as the kitchen takes up most of the space. As the have their kitchen out in the open, I can a cook stretch the dough thinly and generously top it with a variety of toppings and I saw good things come in and out of the three ovens. I could stand there for an hour and I would not mind. Paying attention to their chalk boards, I decided to order their original creations, Oh Canada (Maple Syrup, Mozzarella, Crispy Bacon and Potato Chips) and their Breakfast Pizza (Egg, Mozzarella, Crispy Bacon and Za’s Herb Mix). I know, I know, I went heavy on the bacon. But I knew Diona is a lover of bacon too (insert big grin here).

I just wanted to take note too that the place was family-friendly. As I waited for my pizzas, I stood by the front area and I appreciated their customer service making it easy for a little boy to enjoy his pizza cutting it to small pieces. Little details like that would keep me coming back when I see that they have personal touches to make the meal even better.

When I finally got my orders, I suddenly realized I must show restraint not to steal a piece before I reach Kanto. The smell of steaming hot pizza filled my car as I hurriedly wove through Toronto traffic. I was rather thankful that when I arrived, Diona was able to join me right away. I actually had good timing as she was able to sit down with me for a few minutes to enjoy the pizza. Of the two, I leaned more to the breakfast pizza as I have once said before, I like salty more than I like sweet. The dough was delightfully tasty and crispy around the edges. Definitely a pizza I would keep going back for if I live a little bit closer.

And of course after finishing two slices of pizza, Diona stood up and started running around once again. She did come back and gave me a plate of my Kanto favourites. Later in the hour, other foodie friends joined me. Just like me, they find a sunny evening calls for a comforting BBQ for dinner. I was so stuffed when the night ended and I sighed with contentment. I found a way to keep on sharing meals with my good friend Diona despite out differences in schedules. I just know, we would have more foodie moments. :)

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