Alminz Kakanin

Posted on July 7, 2015


As I was on my way home today, the rain was beating down my car. Stuck in traffic, I started drifting back to old memories from childhood of walking in the rain. When the rain falls hard back in Manila enough to cancel school, my friends and I would be strolling amidst the rain, celebrating the fact that we had a free day. It almost always ended up in a bakery, where we would get a big bag of fresh Pan De Sal, Filipino savoury and airy buns, still warm and fresh. It did not matter that we don’t have anything to pair it with. Just by itself it was a treat.

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Then I remembered a new Filipino bakery, Alminz Kakanin at west of Yonge and Steeles. They apparently have another store at Wilson Avenue (also at North York). This store at Yonge and Steeles is new, just right at the same plaza as Toys R Us. I discovered them a few weeks ago when they were about to close. They have ran out of Pan De Sal then. I finally had the chance to come back to try their Pan De Sal. And I am hoping it was the same taste and the same comfort as the Pan De Sal I enjoyed back home.

Waiting for my turn, I looked around what was in the shelves. The supply is still sparse as probably they are still organizing the new business they have just opened. I did see a decadent Ube Cake. If there is anything that you should try in a Filipino bakery, that’s one that I recommend. The color is purple and the look is unusual, but I have never seen a friend who has tried it for the first time end up disappointed. I am for sure going to come back for it when there is an occasion. There were packaged kakanins or Filipino sweet snacks on the same counter. I have my eye on the pack of puto topped with salted egg (steamed rice cake with salted egg). Again, I try to restrain myself as I reminded myself that I just wanted Pan De Sal. I was planning to get a dozen as it is just too easy to eat it.

As the person behind the counter hands me my Pan De Sal, I really appreciated that detail that they had it packed in a paper bag as it tends to absorb the moisture. It was still warm to the touch and I could not resist but try one as I was walking back to my car. And I finally found my authentic Pan De Sal. It was light, it was airy and it was downright comforting. It only takes 5 minutes by car from the Alminz bakery to where I live but I already ate three. I was literally in a hurry to go home as I wanted to use the Pan De Sal and stuff it with Filipino corned beef.

Ah this afternoon has really gone better with the meal I just finished. This surely would become a habit.

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