La Paloma

Posted on July 20, 2015


After seeing my friend Abe Wornovitzky successfully pull-off his Juan in a Million Mexican food pop-up during the PanAm Torch relay, I didn’t know I would find more treats. I came to the event just looking for tacos and maybe some latin music to go on the background. The day was perfect for the event, not too cold and not too hot. My other friend Jojo and I was ready to call it a night but as we walked back to our cars, we stopped right in front of a store at St. Clair and Landsdowne. What we found was an cool treat of La Paloma. As a foodie, I tend to know where are the treats but I was caught with a pleasant surprise. It was just what Jojo and I needed to end the night, a nice generous serving of authentic gelato.

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As we waited our turn, I saw that it was more of a local favourite as patrons came in and out. All ages, it doesn’t matter, everyone wanted a treat just like me. There were options to take it by different sizes of cones and cups and much as I wanted a sugar cone, I opted for the cup as the night was warm and I didn’t want to eat gelato in a hurry, racing against time as my gelato melts. Jojo went for the same, a cup for 2 flavours just like me. Now choosing whether cup or cone was the easy part. When it came to selecting which flavour, I was torn whether to go with an out-of-Ann’s-character flavour or do I stick with my usual, lemon and pistachio. My favourite flavours won me over as I know I would be able to try a whimsical flavour as I was with Jojo. Jojo went for hazelnut and blueberry. Good friends always share a gelato spoonful. And I am definitely with one of my bestest friends in Toronto.

As expected, the gelato gave us more excuse to talk and dilly dally some more. My gelato was fresh and clean to the palate, I was sad to see my last spoonful disappear. I then later learned that La Paloma has been scooping out delicious gelato since 1967. Now that alone should compel you to try their gelato. It is quite rare to see a business stay and still see it going strong after decades in business.

My first gelato for the summer, all gone and happily sitting in my tummy. Here’s to more warmer days :)

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