Sofra Uptown

Posted on July 20, 2015


Last year, I came across the Ontario Latin Arts Festival by accident and just enjoyed its tail end. Back then I promised that I would come back this year to witness it all and I would bring with me a dance partner. All that Latin music was too intoxicating to just listen sitting down. One has to get up on their feet and start dancing intuitively. That’s the magic of the whole festival. This year happened a week ago and I came back with my friend, Jojo. But before the event, we decided to eat an early dinner. As the event was at Mel Lastman’s Square, we gravitated towards Sofra Uptown, a Mediterranean restaurant a little north of Yonge and Sheppard.

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What I expected was a small restaurant that is set-up for takeout but I found out that they have several tables at an outdoor patio and a few more indoors. Jojo and I opted to stay indoors as there was a TV broadcasting the diving competition at the PanAm games. We could not resist and took the table closest to the TV to enjoy our meal watching Canada excel at diving.

When they start serving our food, I was surprised at the amount of food that was placed on the table. It was really generous serving of salad, rice, beef kebabs and warm laffa bread. Jojo has the same amount of chicken shawarma on his plate. Suffice to say, we struggled finishing the food and we ended up bringing home our leftovers. No matter how delicious and delectable it was, each entree was good enough for two. The beef kebab was so tender, it was so easy to bite into it. And as always, my fork sauntered off Jojo’s plate so I can get to know the chicken shawarma too. It was rather addicting. If my plate was not filled with so much food, I would have ate half of his dinner. It was such a comfortable dinner that we almost missed more than half of the Latin concert that we came there in the first place.

I did get to dance after sitting it out for a while. When the food settled down, I got on my feet for a few times and just listened to the music. Ah such a great night in Toronto. I just love summer!

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