Bake Shoppe

Posted on August 1, 2015


Last week I got a panic attack as I remembered my friend Diona’s birthday too close to the actual day. Most of the time, I always have a lot of time to contemplate what gift to get, what surprise to plan but this year, I almost let it come without anything. I must confess that if that happens to me, most often than not, I fix it rather quickly with food as a gift. That I can get quickly and it never fails to give me a smile from the recipient. So it was what I resorted to last week. And I found really beautiful ones in the Bake Shoppe.

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I found the Bake Shoppe through Zomato’s app with favourable high ratings.It was easy enough to find at Ossington and College. When I walked in, I love the store right away. The decor was tasteful and light, their aesthetics very similar to mine. I walked in planning to get the red velvet cake but seeing their display of cupcakes and other dainty squares, my fickle mind took over. I ended up with four cupcakes of three flavours – red velvet, chocolate truffle and strawberry cream and two very delectable looking smores. I love it that they have really good boxes that keeps the cupcakes easy to handle. I am guaranteed that it would still look as pretty on the cupcake stand when Diona opens the box.

Handing the goodies to Diona, I felt a pang of regret that I didn’t get myself any. I should have at least tried the red velvet or the chocolate truffle cupcake as I am a professed chocoholic. Diona tells me she loved the chocolate truffle on the best. She confirmed to me what most people said on reviews I read, that the cupcakes were flavourful and not overly sweet, it would be exactly what I would hope for. And of course, that would give me reason to come back to try it for myself. It’s the least I can do for Bake Shoppe saving the day. :)

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