Eddie’s Wok N Roll

Posted on August 3, 2015


I used to come so often to Eddie’s Wok N Roll when I was working in Mississauga. It was really convenient to have it so close to work. What we normally do is pre-order everything before we go and when we swing by we have everything early. Makes it swift and easy to have lunch no matter how busy work might get. It was definitely one of my guilty pleasures that I miss.

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Last weekend, I was in the company of my best friend Monika and Arsha, spending the day at St Jacob’s Market at Kitchener. Getting there around lunch time, we spent most of the afternoon milling in the crowd, looking for anything and everything. When we got back at Monika’s home, it was almost dinner. Not in the mood to cook anything, Monika’s solution was just to order food to go from Eddie’s Wok N Roll. I am definitely not going to say no to that.

As we waited for the food, I could feel my tummy churning. It was good to see that the restaurant was still very much the same. It was still early but the restaurant was already more than half full with a steady stream of people like us who were picking up food and taking it to go.

Bringing the food home, just like I remember it, the food was plentiful. We got chili paneer, General Tso Chicken and Sweet & Sour Chicken. It tasted pretty much the same as I remember it. The chili paneer burned as I forgot to ask for mild. I still ate it anyway and just hid the heat with spoonfuls of rice. The General Tso is still as garlicky sweet and spicy, it’s gravy in itself is already a meal.

I find comfort in knowing that a restaurant have lasted for a long time. And I know that their reasons were probably just like mine. That guilty pleasure that you can’t just shake off. It’s good to know that when I visit, it would still be there for me to enjoy the comforting warmth of hakka flavours.

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