Marado Sushi

Posted on August 5, 2015


Mostly I have a one track mind when it comes to a Japanese restaurant. I still go to my favourite one that is in Scarborough, Super Sushi that I have discovered when I came to Canada 15 years ago. But when I moved to North York, I often only get it when I visit my sister. For years I have promised myself that I would find an alternate here in North York, which should not be so hard to do as my neighbourhood is Asian-centric. And last week I think I finally found it, less than 10 minutes from home. Last week I tried Marado Sushi.

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That day I forgot to eat lunch (again) and I was starving as I was doing errands after work. Countless times I have gone to that mall as I visit Paramount Restaurant and I didn’t see it. I guess those small tiny nuggets of baklava can distract the most serious of foodies. As I walked in, just like any other, there were banquet seating and private cubicles with discreet curtains affording some privacy. I chose to sit on one of the regular banquets and ordered shrimp tempura and crispy salmon skin maki. I tend to measure how good a Japanese restaurant was by the lightness of their tempura batter coating a perfectly plump and fresh, sweet shrimp. To be able to have it light and crunchy on the outside without overcooking the shrimp on the inside is definitely a good sign.

As I waited for my food, I was pleasantly surprised that they have banchan (Korean small dish appetizers) to tide me over. Instead of the more conventional miso soup, I got a small noodle soup in clear broth. It was indeed comforting to have something warm and clean to whet the appetite. Not that I need more motivation to eat. If the tempura did not arrive promptly, I would have happily finished them all.

With a bite of the shrimp tempura, I knew that I would be back at Marado Sushi. I think I have found my North York/Thornhill Japanese place. It was hot, light, fresh and definitely crispy, everything to make me happy. The crispy salmon skin maki arrived and I was quite happy about the tight bundle of roll that came. Another measure for a good Japanese restaurant is how the wasabi zings. The more potent it is, the better the food would surely be. I dipped the end of my chopstick into the paste and licked it off. For a moment, I got cold relief as it zapped through really quickly. Whew, the thrill never really gets old with me. :)

The food was indeed very good. It was something that would make me come back on a regular basis. Writing this, I am thinking that just might what I would do today. :)

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