Posted on August 3, 2015


There are times when I make an impulsive decision to enjoy a beautiful meal. Once I can’t shake off the need to sit in front of a very well executed dinner, one of the people that comes to mind to share the dinner with me is my business partner, Abe Wornovitzky. He has the same love for photogenic meals as I do. After checking out the reviews and the website of Byblos, I just know it would be impressive visually.

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We were first to walk in the restaurant that we have the chance to select a table that has the prettiest of light. Diffused lighting came through an opaque wall that also have shelves adorned with exquisite and ornate metal pitchers and glasses. It was definitely pleasing to the eye how tastefully decorated the restaurant was, just enough to give it that touch of elegance but not going over the top to make it look cluttered. I was quite excited then as I know the experience would be the total package. Just what I needed.

After we have ordered cocktails, we went through their menu agreeing to share everything. We went for two appetizers, one main and two sides. Our choices were Crispy Eggplant (Tahini Aioli, Bayildi Sauce, Basturma) and Duck Kibbeh (Dried Fig, Date Molasses & Tahini) for appetizers; Whole Boneless Branzino (Vine Leaf, Chemoula, Saffron Toum & Eggplant Pickle) for main; Mejadra Basmati Rice (Lentil, Hung Yogurt & Fried Shallot) and Seared Cauliflower (Duck Fat, Tahini Sauce, Sesame & Coriander). Just seeing all that descriptions, doesn’t that make you lick your lips in anticipation already?

And as each dish arrived, I think my heart skipped a beat at each time. I tried my hardest to make the pictures give it justice. As for the taste, you just have to take my word for it that each one was delicious. The crispy eggplant was impressive. In my dreams, I would have a full big plate of it and I can sit in front on the TV and eat them like french fries. The duck kibbeh was dutifully crunchy and soft on the inside, the touch of tahini adding more texture and creaminess to the whole experience. The branzino was like a gift of a dish, with the succulent fish wrapped in vine leaves and garnished with saffron infused garlic paste and eggplant pickle. I would have happily ate the whole fish myself. As for the sides, how can you go wrong with Cauliflower seared in duck fat? And lastly the Mejadra Basmati rice was so delicious, I could probably write a whole post about it. It was a meal on its own. One of the most satisfying rice dishes I have ever tasted. For that dish alone, I want to come back. The taste is still vivid in my head and I can actually imagine it all now.

We ended the meal with three sorbets. With the meal we just had, I don’t think I was prepared for anything heavy and we thought the sorbet would give us that sweetness that we needed to finish the meal. We selected Yogurt Honey Sorbet, Burnt Honey Ice Cream and Pomegranate Sorbet. While all three were delightful burst of much needed sweetness, the Pomegranate Sorbet delicate taste won me over.

I must say Byblos gave me one of the prettiest meals that I have seen in Toronto. But what is most important was that it gave me satisfaction with each dish tasting so exquisite. I definitely recommend this restaurant as the place to go to when you want an exquisite dining experience. My impulsive decision was definitely a good one.

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