Dentek’s Teeth Nightmares at the Big Crow

Posted on October 29, 2015


A few weeks ago, I was invited to Dentek’s Teeth Nightmares event at the Big Crow. I must admit I found it amusing that Dentek would seek out food bloggers. Whoever came with the concept was pure genius – feed bloggers with delicious food they start having visions of finger-licking moments and then pitch dental health. My dentist would be ecstatic! And knowing the Big Crow’s reputation on delicious comfort food, I just could not resist the invitation.

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The night of the event was a little damp, drizzling rain made me walk a little bit faster after finding parking close to Dupont and St George. It was a nice relief walking into the warmth of the restaurant and seeing the display of food right at the center communal table made my tummy grumble. The spread included Teeth Ruinin Ribs, Garlic Bread Breath, Cavity on the cob, Tooth Fairy Treats just to mention a few. I am almost sad that I didn’t get the witty names of the other dishes as each smart pun really made it entertaining. I got a kick of trying each dish and as promised, they are as delicious just as any Anthony Rose restaurant food is. Each time I try his food, I am left amazed at the depth of comfort I feel for every morsel I eat. For awhile there I almost forgot that summer has already ended. As the evening finished, I was later handed a big loot bag of Dentek products. I believe the next visit to the dentist, I would give them an ample surprise of my teeth’s health. LOL :)

Thank you Dentek for such an awesome evening! Congratulations on your successful food event!

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