Blaze Pizza

Posted on October 18, 2015


About two weeks ago, I was invited to the opening of Blaze Pizza at Yonge and Dundas just by Ryerson University. Getting there was like a walk down the memory lane. I was glad I gave myself a few minutes to do a short walk by parking a few streets north. I was able to combine what I remember and what was new in the area. Often times when I was still taking up photography at Ryerson, I was in search of where to get a quality bite. I wish Blaze Pizza was there then. It was just by my old walking route from the Yonge/Dundas subway exit. It might have been routine if it was there then.

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Walking in, the restaurant was amply big and could easily accommodate transient people like me. Checking the menu up by the counter, I figured out that they have in-house specialties but what I thought was amazing that for a set price, they would let you create your own pizza. That to me was spectacular. To actually have unlimited choices made me feel giddy. Foodie moment definitely.

As I lined up, I was bewildered on what I wanted to create. I was torn whether to go traditional and base it all in tomato sauce or go the other direction and build from white sauce. Foodie dilemma when you are given so many choices. As I flipped back and forth in my head, I was getting agitated. But the solution suddenly presented itself to me, as I watched one of the customers ahead of me asked for half of his pie with white sauce and the other half with tomato sauce. I would have given a resounding joyous YES! with a smile that goes from ear to ear if I weren’t so prim and proper. To the white sauce I asked it to be topped with bacon, mushroom and pepperoni and to the tomato sauce, I asked for fresh basil, overlani mozzarella and olives. Really if I had this option when I was going to Ryerson, I think I would have a good time concocting yummy pizza.

It didn’t take long for me to get my pizza and to get it so toasty warm is a treat in itself. I already know that I would love it as I watched the person behind the counter slice through the pizza. I prolly were biting my lips in anticipation as I cruelly took pictures first before I took my first bite. LOL. The pains of being a blogger, I know. But I did have my moment of bliss as the pizza satisfied me twice, one for the white sauce creation and the second one for the fresh tomato half. Suffice to say, I walked out without a pizza box. The totality of it sat happily in my tummy.

Thank you Blaze Pizza for the invitation. You definitely made this foodie wish to be back at Ryerson. :)
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