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Posted on November 3, 2015


By the third week this November, I have been in Toronto for the last 15 years. It doesn’t feel that all that time has passed by. Of all the lessons that I have learned living here is to appreciate every warm day that comes after Labor day. Lately, the temperature has hovered in the teens and that is pretty unusual for fall. Make no mistake, I am not complaining. Fall is even prettier when the weather is nice and mild. To be able to enjoy the colors of autumn without chilling you to the bone is a gift.

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About two weekends ago was such a day. When blessed like a day like that, I have this strong impulse to go out for a walk and enjoy the last vestiges of warmth. I was by the Annex and I thought what would make it even better was a warm cup of coffee. I was once invited to check out Saving Gigi by Christie and Bloor. I thought what better time to check it?

Seeing the indie café from the outside, I was already in love. The restaurant was a collage of reclaimed wood and antiques, I just want to check out every fixture and decor. They might perceive me as weird, but then again that wouldn’t be the first time. So after ordering my latte, I took the time browsing around, checking out every interesting item around me.

Didn’t take long and I was handed a warm glass of coffee. Since it was warm enough, there were people brunching at the outdoor patio area. I was lucky enough to find a table outdoors and I must say, it was the prettiest backdrop that I enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee. And was that coffee ever smooth.

I have no idea how long this nice weather would last. Seems to be a roller coaster ride every week. Get out there and enjoy the last days of warmth.

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