Bonjour Brioche

Posted on November 10, 2015


A few weeks ago, I found the perfect time to walk in to Bonjour Brioche early. This popular brunch place has always been in my radar, but I could never get here early enough to have the leisure of eating breakfast slow. No matter as they don’t try to hasten you, you would feel guilty eating slow as you watch the long line of people outside waiting for their turn. That morning though, I was guilt-free. I was there as it opened and the line was virtually non-existent.

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Selecting a table by the wall opposite the display counter, I was swiftly reminded of el Fornet in Barcelona, where rows of breads and pretty trays of pastries just beckoned you to come in and check the goodies closer. It has that old world feel somehow as the handsome wood-panelled counter perfectly showcased those famous croissants within. I planned for a savoury breakfast and I opted for Croque Madam, a toasted brioche, topped with gruyere and ham, finished off with a sunny side-up egg.

As I waited, I can’t help but take images of the cozy restaurant. The place just opened but 15 minutes into the hour, it was already half full. The tower of croissants adjacent my table was so distracting. It was a subliminal suggestion for me to bring croissants home. How could you not when you sit right beside it and the buttery aroma fill your senses? I am not strong enough to resist that.

When my plate arrived, it was just what nice brunches are made of – savoury, filling and downright comforting. I even almost finished the side salad as the bitterness of the fresh greens contrasted with the richness of the egg. Finished off with such smooth coffee, it was one of those moments where you find yourself in that blissful headspace.

Now that I have tried it, I must admit I want to go back there for a second time. Third and fourth too for that matter. Now I just need to love to wake up early. That I definitely have to work on as I tend to snooze back when I wake up on weekends. Do try Bonjour Brioche, it’s definitely worth getting up for.

P.S. And yes, the croissants were amazing. The chocolate one divine!

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