Loaded Pierogi

Posted on December 8, 2015


When Abe and I have a photoshoot, I love it best when we talk of the finer details over food. I say all our creative EyeCandyTO shoots come out when we are pacified. Our latest intense EyeCandyTO photoshoot happened a month ago and to prepare for it, we headed to Loaded Pierogi by St Lawrence Market.

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I love it that the restaurant, despite being small have booths. Somehow it made the space more grandiose with the cushiony comforts of a booth. It also afforded us our own space to talk without the distraction of having someone too near. It was a pleasant surprise that the noise level was actually manageable, another plus when both Abe and I intend to talk a lot over the meal.

Before we got into the business of food photography and food styling, we went through the food menu and it is quite an extensive list to choose from. It was good that I was with Abe and who could immediately zero in the most delicious item on the menu. Just like any EyeCandyTO meeting, we share the food. We opted for The Cabbage Patch (Crispy fried brussel sprouts, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, sun dried tomatoes, creamy ranch dressing, sour cream & green onions) and the Donald Duck (Crispy confit duck leg with sautéed cherry tomatoes, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, duck gravy & green onions). Just the thought got my tummy churning and licking my lips. These two dishes we paired with apple cider. Yes, we do drink at our business meetings. ;)

The Cabbage patch arrived first and seriously, it was the best brussel sprouts I have ever tasted. I think I would even eat a whole plate of the brussel sprouts on my own, it’s that good. There was a sweet bitterness that did not turn me off and it actually made me want more. It was good that the plate was generous with pierogis and both Abe and I had our fill.

When the Donald Duck came, oh me, oh my. It was really decadent. I can already see that I would be salivating for the crisp duck skin. Abe expertly minced the duck meat and mixed it thoroughly so we would get hits of the crispy skin. I just wanted to lick the plate. It was so satisfying.

Now we cannot finish this post without talking about the pierogi itself. They actually let you have the choice whether the dish is with boiled or fried pierogi. We had it both ways and I cannot really decide which one I loved better. The boiled one was done just right, the dumpling was soft without being soggy. The fried pierogi was equally amazing. They had it crisp at the right places keeping the filling moist and soft. The pierogi was delicious on its own. I would have eaten it plain.

Abe and I picked the right place. We did manage to talk business in between the oohing and ahhing. I do recommend the place. Be prepared to be full. I bet you wouldn’t be able to just have one. :)

P.S. And just to let you in the secret, that photoshoot is now live. Another dream of mine realized, shooting for gourmet’s heaven, Pusateri Fine Foods. Take a detour to Pusateri’s website and see our best work yet! :)))

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