Ramona’s Kitchen

Posted on April 3, 2016


Fritzie is one of my friends who I gotten to know more of when she left Taro Pharmaceuticals,  the company I presently work for. I know that sounds funny but we sort of talked more when she left the company.  I guess my previous experience with GSK taught me that friendships are valuable if they still stick to you even if they don’t see you everyday.

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So we met once again when I took some days off after Easter.  We agreed to enjoy my last day of vacation with a brunch.  Searching for restaurants at Markham, I found Ramona’s Kitchen. This place is actually not that far away t from me and it took me 10 minutes to get there by driving.

The restaurant was spacious with sampling seating in one side and an open kitchen in another. Reclaimed wood adorned the wall and metal tiles gives that extra bounce of light to give the space a good balance of cozy and airiness.  I was there too early and I was glad that the morning rush was done.  I was about 15 minutes early and I decided to wait it out and just have coffee while I killed the time.

I didn’t even notice that Fritzie was late as I was comfortable at my table and was getting refills as I read the news on my iPhone. The owner got my attention when she said she thinks it was my friend who was walking towards the restaurant and she was right when I saw Fritzie walked in.  I was glad that Fritzie was quick to choose what she liked as I already went over the menu while I waited.  I went for a Dad’s breakfast as I wanted the pancake with my bacon and eggs and Fritzie went for the classic breakfast of bacon and eggs with brown toast.

What I most enjoy when I get a chance to be with Fritzie is indulging in the Filipino dialect Cebuano and that together with pancakes, bacon, eggs and unlimited coffee, it was the perfect way to end my mini-vacation. It didn’t even take any effort to connect and update each other with stories of our everyday lives.  And with the owner keeping an eye at my coffee cup and giving me refills, it was the most comfortable I have been in a brunch.  That was priceless.
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