Mondello Ristorante

Posted on April 9, 2016


It has been awhile that I had really indulged in a very good meal.  While it is indeed often that I eat out, I reserve fine dining to special occasions.  Last weekend was one of those special events where it was Arsha’s birthday, one of my besties from my old job at GSK.  To complete the trio, Monika also joined us for the night of good food and conversation.  For the night I chose Mondello Ristorante at Streetsville, Mississauga.

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I arrived first and I walked into a medium size restaurant.  It was starting to get filled with other patrons so I was happy I had the foresight to make reservations.  No waiting involved starts me off just right. As I walking to the table, I heard Monika call my name. After we exchanged our customary warm tight hugs, I scanned the room and I definitely like the timeless elegance of warm dark stained chairs paired off with tables with black linens.  The wine glasses set on the table are sparkling clean as the last rays of sunlight bounced on it.  Flawless, not even a hint of dust. That was indeed a clue that this restaurant is well managed and kept tight. After just a few minutes,  Arsha walks in next and completes our party.

We started off with a bottle of a Niagara Chardonnay and selected appetizers of Calamari and Arancini. While the Calamari was cooked to perfection, that Arancini was exactly the way I like it, crunchy on the outside and oh-so-gooey on the inside.  After biting into it, I already knew that I was in a very good Italian restaurant.  It was even better than the supplì I enjoyed in a foodie tour in Rome. That made me giddy that the meal just started – there were more good things to come.

For our mains, I asked for the Risotto con Funghi Selvaggio – a medley of Porcini, cremini, portabello, honey mushrooms and of course, truffles, all beautifully combined with creamy parmagiano soaked Arborio rice. THAT is what I call heaven.  Arsha and Monika both asked for the Salmone Pomodorini Seche – Salmon with cream, basil, butter, white wine, sundried tomatoes, Parmigiana, lemon risotto and vegetables on the side.

The salmon dishes came first and I see that the portions were generous. When the bowl of risotto was placed before me, I was so taken by the serving. Just the smell gets me to smile from ear to ear. When I finally got my first taste, it was an ethereal experience.  The textures of soft and creamy, indulgent morsels of mushrooms with the gentle waft of the truffles completed the picture of a perfect risotto.  I have been craving risotto ever since the food event I attended that served little tasting portions. And Mondello’s gave me the cure. I should say that the salmon was cooked perfectly too as Arsha let me have a big piece. But if I were to choose between the two dishes, I would in a heartbeat endorse the risotto.  I guarantee that you would have the same satisfaction as I did.

For desserts, they gave Arsha a birthday treat of a Chocolate Tartufo – chocolate gelato deliciously coated with cocoa.  Since we were in a pretty indulgent mood, we also asked for a creme brûlée and a chocolate soufflé.  My heart was broken when they told me that they don’t have the soufflé for that night to which our server, Andrew, was very swift with a comeback. He told me since they don’t have it for the night, it should be the reason for me to come back. I should say that the probability of that happening is very high as Arsha lives in the neighbourhood. Who wouldn’t want another helping of that risotto (yes, I am definitely in love!).

Now, let me tell you about the service.  The service was exceptional, starting from when I walked in, led to my table, Andrew’s introduction that he would be serving our table, presentation of wine and entrée choices and carefully timed sporadic check-ins to see if we needing anything.  The service was utterly professional without being stiff and there was an exuding warmth with a meticulous attention to detail. The sous chef made an appearance too (I must apologize that I forgot his name) asking what we think of the food. For the life of me, I did not understand the hesitant expression in his face, full of anticipation for our answer.  The bashful joy was pretty evident when we answered how satisfied we were. I could tell that he was pretty modest and the compliments were something he prolly always taken in an unassuming way.  That made it more worth it.  I always liked sharing with people a perfect moment. It was indeed a memorable meal.

Thank you for such an amazing dinner Mondello Ristorante.  Andrew is right, I will be coming back. :)
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