Sneaky Dees

Posted on April 19, 2012


When in downtown, I normally go north or south using the Bathurst St. route.   Each time I pass Bathurst and College, right in the southeast corner, it would be virtually impossible to miss how lively and jampacked the corner restaurant/concert venue.  Sneaky Dee’s has been pulling people in since the 80’s and it is quite impressive to still see people happily crammed inside enjoying Mexican cuisine.  I finally got the chance last Thursday to check out personally why this place is such an institution to locals.

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Inviting my usual partner in crime for my food trippin’ junkets, my beer connoisseur friend, Valerie, happily accepted when I told her they have good beer on tap.   I arrived the restaurant first and what greeted me when I entered the door was a restaurant full of relaxed yet vibrant conversations.  It was just about 6:30pm and the place was about 80% full.  That observation made me smile because it is almost a guarantee that the food is really good.  I select a table close to the window (personal motive: ample ambient lighting is good for food photography) and waited for Valerie.

Thinking I have missed lunch, I spent my time perusing a very extensive menu.  My eye kept on going back to the avocado spring roll appetizer.  I have always loved avocado any which way it can be prepared or used in a recipe.  Its buttery softness I would never get tired of.  I tried to select a light main and I went for Concha Con Huevos, thinking two poached eggs sitting on a tortilla cup with frijoles should not be too heavy together with the spring roll.  I was so wrong as the plate that arrived on our table was massive.  The spring roll appetizer itself was also generous.  The smooth buttery texture of warm avocado wrapped in crispy spring roll wrapper, dipped in awesome spicy sauce was the highlight of my dinner.  My main was equally good but it’s the avocado spring roll that made the best impression.  Valerie went for a burrito and was equally happy with her choice.  I stole a forkful and found it well seasoned and the beans tender.  Next time I’ll be driving by this restaurant I think I have more reason and motivation to find parking and stop ;)

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