Weston CI’s First Fundraiser for Surrey Place at The Pinball Cafe

Posted on July 5, 2012


This might be a bit delayed but they always say better late than never.  Thank you so much for the people who came to  Weston’s CI First Annual fundraiser for Surrey Place, two weeks ago at The Pinball Cafe.  It warms the heart that we can get together and in our little way help out a worthy cause.  Special thanks to my friend Natalia Sokolovska, who went out of her way to organize the event.  Don’t forget me for next year!  I would certainly want to take part again :)

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I should say that not only did The Pinball Cafe transported me back to a time when I was addicted to Pacman but their Butterscotch Sundae (so good on a very warm day!) was a good thing to have while waiting for the auction to happen.  House-made slivers of yummy sweetness, drizzled over vanilla ice cream (sourced out from Greg’s Ice Cream!) was just what I needed.

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