Great Burger Kitchen

Posted on February 25, 2013


A day-long EyeCandyTO photoshoot can really work up an appetite.  I normally can go on hours and hours of shooting without feeling any hunger.  I guess that surge of adrenalin and concentration kept me going the whole day.  But once I finished and packed-up for the day, then it would all come crashing in, hunger, fatigue and tiredness.  That was how it was like when I left from work two weeks ago.  Knowing I have to find my second wind to make the drive home, Abe and I stopped for sustenance at the Great Burger Kitchen by Leslieville.

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Walking in this burger joint, I loved it that it wouldn’t take too much effort to order from their straightforward menu.  I was very much thankful that their Burger of the Day have everything I loved, bacon, tomatoes and roasted bell peppers on a burger! Yes, yes and one more yes!   I gave a little whisper of gratitude that I didn’t have to think too much as I was running on empty.  Pairing it with my usual pop and a serving of onion rings, I was all set.  Abe took longer to order as the Great Burger Kitchen made it too hard for him to customize.  There was a lot of things available to create an Abe burger.  He finally settled on a double patty with all the works plus guacamole.  We also agreed to give the Greek Poutine a try as it seems to be an interesting mound of fries, topped with feta cheese and lemon oregano dressing.

The onion rings arrived first and I was surprised with its sheer size.  I was a little bit worried that I might fill up with just the rings and the burger might be too much for my weary self.  Not to mention that I promised that I would split the poutine too.  Seeing the burgers arrived, I felt a twinge of gluttony guilt.  Too much good food for two people.  It didn’t help that I could not resist snacking on the onion rings while waiting.  The smell would hook you in and once you tried its crispiness, there was no hope not to try another.  The burger that was handed to me was visually impressive.  Tasting it, I was impressed as the burger was so moist and the topping of tomatoes and roasted peppers only made me eat more than what I needed.  LOL.  I must say I only tried a few of Abe’s Greek poutine.  There was no way I could squeeze more.

What would have made me more happy after my meal was to find and climb in my bed to let me sleep after this long day. That meal gave me that push I needed to do the trek home.  I would surely recommend the place for any burger lover out there.  It was a good find.  That was sure hard to miss despite my tired self. :)

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