Posted on March 18, 2013


One of my guilty pleasures was to give in to shrimp tempura cravings.  The best way to cure this craving for unlimited quantities of shrimp tempura was to go to a cook-to-order-eat-all-you-can Japanese Restaurant.  My sister Ayen was the one who got me started to go to Syogun.  For years now, we keep on coming back to this same restaurant and we have our fill of tempura and sashimi.

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I have a love-hate relationship with this place.  While I love almost all  the dishes that have come out of their kitchens, it can sometimes be trying to be waiting for the food the come.  While the sushi kitchen have a quick turn-around, the hot kitchen sometimes was a hit and miss. One thing you should realize when you go to a cook-to-order-eat-all-you-can Japanese Restaurant was that sometimes you can get lucky and get food fast and sometimes it takes long.  If you are like us, you would already know how much you can consume for a specific amount of time and order them all in one go.  That means multiple orders of seaweed salad, shrimp & vegetable tempura, garlic beef, beef fried rice, grilled salmon belly, grilled squid, beef ramen, miso soup, white tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi and spicy salmon skin hand-rolls.  And no, this was not an exaggerated list.  All this food for a table of about 3-4 adults and 2-4 children.  And this is just round one.  We normally have about three rounds of the same thing.  LOL.  So if there were other tables of loyal patrons just like us, then the kitchen would be naturally be back-logged.

So I know we were part of the reason the food sometimes gets delayed.  But I persevere each time as I know the tempura comes are always light and crispy, the garlic beef always pacify my need for garlicky beef and the white tuna sashimi was always fresh and just melts in my mouth.  For the price the I pay, I think it’s worth the wait. :)

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