Café Crêpe – Permanently closed

Posted on May 13, 2013


One good friend I studied photography at Ryerson was Guinevere Pura.  I always was impressed with her eclectic taste in photography and we got together to see some galleries participating this year’s CONTACT Photography Festival. We intended to see a gallery at Church and College.  Unfortunately they closed early.  Knowing Ryerson have its own exhibition, we swung by two exhibits.  Walking through the gallery, I wished I have the courage to come with such a bold idea that the photographer put into display.  A two-storey wall was literally covered with 20×20 portraits of the same man.  There were minute differences to each frame.  I stood there wondering who moved, the photographer or the subject?  Guinevere and I both assumed that it was the photographer as it was the same composition, lighting and there were slight changes to the clothing of the male subject.  Quite interesting experience, just like each CONTACT Photography festival I went to.

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Having our fill with photography, we still continued to walk on to brainstorm some more. Since it was one of those mild nights, we were able to walk around the downtown core just bouncing ideas on how to grow our photography businesses. It was comforting to see a friend with the same business. I had this feeling of being gratified that I was really deep into the business of photography.

We ended up by Queen St. West and Guinevere suggested we take a break and sit by Café Crêpe. I must admit I walked pass this restaurant many times since I normally assume creperies tend to border on sweet. I always need my salty fix, hence I always end up choosing something else when in Queen St. West. Guinevere told me that she was a regular there though. If she had a reason to keep on coming back, that was enough to get me interested to try it.

When we walked inside, it was a revelation. Dark burgundy walls, large framed illustrations deep black retro booths with a matching checkered black&white retro floor, it sure did give me a feel of a stylish retro diner. Checking their menu, I checked out their menu and opted for the Spinach and feta cheese filling and a cup of coffee to warm me up. It didn’t take long for them to make it as it was handed to me and I did not think it was even 10 minutes after the server took my order. I must say I was surprised that it was filling. It did satisfy. How can spinach and feta cheese go wrong? This place would sure be now in my list of choices where to eat at Queen St. West. If you find yourself strolling or shopping close by, consider stopping by. You never know, you might end up liking it just like I did. Thanks for the company Guinevere!

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