High Street Fish & Chips

Posted on November 2, 2013


The last few weeks have been really hectic for me.  Finally the last bit on my to-do list was done and I found myself close by High Street Fish & Chips.  I have read about them before and wanted to try them out.  The first time I came there, I got lost and the second time I came on a Monday and found them closed.  As I realized that day that I was close to the restaurant, I hoped that third try was the charm.  And what a charm it was.

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I walked in the restaurant at 3:30 pm.  Well past the lunch rush, I was the only customer inside.  The restaurant was a decent size, spacious booths and airy windows.   I specifically found their entry way endearing, with a welcome message that gave comfort.  One would not miss the owner’s Scottish heritage as I continued to look around.  As I was the only lone customer for the moment, I naturally chose a table by the window.  Looking through their menu, I opted for what they said that had made their regulars keep on coming back, Haddock and Chips.  I couldn’t resist ordering their onion thingy,  It was literally named that way and turned out to be onions deep fried with batter and skewered on a stick. The server asked me if I wanted a substitution of the onion thingy for the fries.  Whimsically, I told her I would want both.  I figured it was my way to pat myself on the back for surviving such a hectic schedule.

The wait was not too long and the onion thingy and the fish and chips arrived together.  For a while I was repentant of my whimsy.  But that was before I tasted both the fries and the onion thingy.  I wouldn’t have known how to choose between the two.  The fries were just the way I liked it, crunchy on the outside and mushy on the inside.  The onions meanwhile were crispy to bite and was perfectly sweet on the inside.  Going for the fish, it was just a crispy as the onions, the batter light and the fish flaked off beautifully.  Sweet and fresh to the taste, the haddock satisfied this hungry foodie.

All the food before me perked me up and gave me my second wind. When I was full, I was not ready to go.  For some reason, I was compelled to have dessert.  They have three on their menu, sticky toffee pudding, shortbread cookies and apple cinnamon. As I haven’t tried sticky toffee pudding before,  I chose it despite my love for shortbread cookies.  I was prudent to ask which was better but the server told me she cannot say what for me to choose as both of them were good.

When I finally got to taste the sticky toffee pudding, I was floored and was in love with the taste!  I thought it would be overly sweet but it was just right.  I literally scraped the bowl with my spoon hoping for more.  The following day, I went back again with my sister and had another serving of that sticky toffee pudding.  Do I have to convince you more how good it was?

If you find yourself close to DVP and Lawrence, do make this pit stop and at least have a taste of this sticky toffee pudding.  Only then you would understand why I was there two days in a row.
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