Lady Marmalade

Posted on November 2, 2013


As most Sunday mornings go, the idea of a brunch would surely get you up from slumber. If that is your plan this weekend, I recommend that you swing by Lady Marmalade. One should be prudent to be there early though as it is popular. Not even 10am last Sunday morning, there was already a line, hungry for breakfast. Don’t let the line deter you though. It would be worth the wait.

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I came by Lady Marmalade last weekend to meet up with my friend, Natalia. As I needed help to guide me through getting my Catalonia Casteller exhibit more exposure and hopefully a spot for CONTACT 2014, we thought we’d discuss it over brunch. It was good that Natalia was able to get into the line that when I arrived, it didn’t take too long and we were given a table. Although they were more popular for their Bennies, I opted for their cheddar and spinach waffles served with tomato-orange cream, bacon, roasted tomatoes & a salad. I was looking forward to something savory, and not sweet. Natalia in turn went for a Benny which was topped with ‘cochinita pibil’ yucatecan pulled pork & citrus marinated red onions.

Mulling over really good coffee, we had our plates come really quickly. It was good that they have a good flow of food as the line seemed to grow longer as we closed to the noon hour. As I expected the Cheddar and Spinach waffle appeased my hunger. Such an original and it was a plus that it comes with a good amount of bacon. My kind of breakfast. Natalia shared a taste of her own breakfast and even if it were such a good pulled pork that I would have gladly eaten on another day, I still loved my waffles better.

As we had more to talk about, we continued our conversation over tea and cookies a few strides west of Lady Marmalade to find Desmond and Beatrice Bakery. Such a generous ginger cookie paired with a soothing Earl Grey was a good note to add to our banter. I walked away from that morning with a satisfied tummy and a battle plan for my exhibit. Such a good Sunday.

So why don’t you try it out and head out to Leslieville?

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