Posted on June 1, 2014


Restaurants around my periphery at Yonge and Finch are mostly Iranian and Asian (predominantly Korean and Japanese). While I do have my favourites that I keep on going back to, I do wish that the area would be more diverse than what it is now. When I read of Schnitzeland, I could not resist checking them out. I just have to see if I am to add this place into my favourite North York places.

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Driving to Yonge and Steeles, I was able to find it at northwest of the intersection, just right across Canadian Tire. Parking was easy enough and I strolled into a small restaurant. A few tables for diners with huge blackboard with the menu, it had the feel of a cafeteria. As I approached the counter to order my meal to-go, I saw a buffet of salads that lined the service area. Seeing beets, I already knew then that I would get it. I love beets but find I have to clean so much when I roast some. Apparently, there is an option to ask for veal, chicken or an eggplant for each dish listed in the menu. Asking the woman behind the counter what was the crowd favourite, she pointed two things to me, the Parma Schnitzel and the Sesame Schnitzel. Looking for something unusual, I went for the Sesame Schnitzel as its components could make your mouth water. It’s a schnitzel (I chose chicken)  that was topped with an extra eggplant schnitzel with generously drizzled with tahini and fragrant zaatar, giving this dish an middle eastern twist. My combo came with two sides, so I opted for the beets salad and spaetzle. It is as unusual a meal for me and I was giddy excited.

The wait did not take that long and the drive home was just as short. Opening my package at home, I was taken by how appetizing it smells. I go hungry with breaded eggplant instantly. And boy did it ever satisfy! The combination of all components of my Schnitzeland combo was spot on. The schnitzel was moist and deliciously warm. The beets salad was generous, tender and had a tartness that cut through the richness of the schnitzel. I also finished the last of the spaetzle as it also presented that different texture of softness that contrasts with the crisp of the schnitzel. You could say I had a big smile pasted on my face as I finished the rest of my meal.

I am very happy of this find. This would indeed be added to my North York favourites list. I hope more options to different cuisines come around my neighbourhood soon. I do have more room in my list. :)

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