Nam Sandwich Shop – Permanently closed

Posted on July 26, 2014


I was definitely waiting for this weekend as it is a time I can finally relax and give myself some “me-time” (Translation: find a new dish or restaurant to blog about). This weekend, I was invited by Nam Sandwich Shop to try their food. Banh mi always give me comfort as it has the flavours I grew up with and to taste it has always been comforting. So it was an invitation I could never turn down.

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Walking in the restaurant, I walked up to the counter and introduced myself. I can’t help but lust after their condiments station. It was definitely my kind of furniture, antique wood with interesting knobs and distressed wood. I like how straightforward the place is. Menu on the right, drinks coolers on the left and ordering counter on the middle. No fuss means I get to eat right away. Working long days all week, I was looking forward for some comfort food to rejuvenate and recharge my batteries.

I asked for what are their popular items. She pointed to me three things: grilled beef, lemon grass chicken or the five spicy pork belly. Today I was definitely in the mood for some beef. How can it go wrong when they combined grilled beef, pickled daikon, cilantro, carrot and cucumber with a bit of hot sauce zing? Just knowing that made me lick my lips in anticipation. If the bread it was on was fresh and good, I would definitely be so happy.

As I was choosing my beverage, I thought to have minty lemonade. But because I initially asked the person on the counter, Hong, of what she recommends, she pointed me to the direction of Thai Iced Tea (steeped green tea with a bit of condensed milk). Last to fill my tray was an order of yam fries with two dipping sauces, curry and horseradish dips.

After the food was handed to me, I set up by their bar height table by the window and started taking pictures. The ingredients definitely looked fresh, my tummy started grumbling whilst I fuss over taking picture after picture. It was definitely looking like a sumptuous meal!

When I exhausted all the possibilities, I sat myself in their long communal table and bit into the baguette and my, did that end it ever crunch. The crusty baguette was crunchy on the outside and so soft on the inside perfectly giving another texture to the delicious symphony of grilled beef, pickled daikon, cilantro, carrot and cucumber. I usually just eat half of a sandwich but I finished it all in one sitting. I just could not help but enjoy it completely.

As for that Thai Iced Tea, it was exactly what I needed: cold, full-bodied but not heavy nor overly sweet. It really was comforting I was rather sad when I finished it. That drink alone would make me come back to have some more. For the yam fries with the dips, I was opting for more of the curry dip as it reminded me of a pleasant flavour. I could not recollect what it was and I was so curious that I swung by Kanto just to learn what it was. It took my friend Diona (a.k.a. Titaflips) to tell me it was probably turmeric. I wonder if she is right. Whatever it was, it was really good for the fries.

Thank you @NamSandwichShop for inviting me over. That meal was such a treat! I would definitely be back again soon! Congratulations for your new business!

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