Yakitori Kintori – Temporarily closed

Posted on August 10, 2014


For a while now I have wanted to try Yakitori Kintori.  I wanted to dine in this place with a friend in mind.  I wanted to bring my friend Jojo when I dined here and I finally had that chance a week ago.  I just know that their grilled skewers was something I could share with Jojo.  The flavours of Japanese grilled food was close to what we knew as kids.  I always loved the smell of grilled food and it was a sure fire way of making me hungry.

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Getting there at about 8pm, we walked up the street of Bloor and found the restaurant rather easily with its wood façade. What I did not expect was that the first floor was Kinton Ramen.  I would have loved a bowl of warm soothing ramen on another cold rainy day but that night I had grilled BBQ skewers in mind.  We went up a flight of stairs and true to Kinton style or interiors, it was a warm display of wood in every turn.

After placing our order of kintori soup, skewers of chicken, beef, okra and pork with a side of Yakionigiri (grilled rice balls), I did my hovering by the grilling kitchen.  I guess the chef was used to foodies taking pics of him at work that he regaled me with a pose.    After I had my fill, I had a good time  of catching up with my friend Jojo.  It is just so effortless to get into a conversation and it still amazes how easy it is each time I get into one.

When the food arrived, just the aroma made me happy.  The skewers came in two styles, salted or with teriyaki sauce.  I loved the simplicity of the salted pork meat.  Nothing masks the flavour of the meat and its tenderness was all I can focus my thoughts on.  No gimmicks, just straightforward goodness of grilled meat.  The beef, chicken  and okra skewers came with teriyaki sauce and it was a good balance of sweetness and saltiness.  What surprised me were the okra.  I usually have it in soups and it never occurred to me to have it grilled.  It somehow gave it another texture and aroma.    I think I am keeping this cooking option in mind for my home cooking.  The grilled rice balls came like a croquette.  Cooked rice with kelp stuffing, later grilled for added texture and flavour.  This was the first time I ever had grilled rice.  Something so familiar yet new.

To end the meal, I deviated from my usual green tea ice cream and went for Black Sesame flavour.  The nuttiness of the roasted black sesame shines through every spoonful, you would not be able to stop licking one spoon after another.  It was a good finish to a satisfying meal.

Just like my earlier posts, I again profess my love for Japanese cuisine.  I have never tasted anything that I did not like and I always found comfort with each dish.  Beautiful food surely comes from its simplicity.
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