The Queen of Chicken – Permanently closed

Posted on October 13, 2014


Things are finally getting back and ebbed to the usual tides. Last week I was able to go downtown and find time to check out a place that does roasted chicken very well. Last week I found myself at The Queen of Chicken.

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It was easy enough to find as it was just a little bit northwest of Bathurst and Bloor. Maybe that is why it is a popular take-out place for people who in a hurry to get food and catch a ride by the subway. As I came closer, I saw that the restaurant is not set up for dining for a long time, but there are a few chairs and a communal to have a quick bite. They do have other items in the menu, but I hear it’s the chicken that brings the traffic to this pitstop. I initially thought of eating the food in there but I as look at the prices, I thought the better buy was to get half a chicken and bring the second quarter to work for lunch.

It didn’t take me long to get the chicken as there were many roasting in the rotisserie. What I was not prepared for was when I was asked for if I wanted hot sauce or not. I mindlessly responded yes and there were a few moments of fear that I might set myself up for too much heat. Glad to know it doesn’t burn as much once I got home. It was torture to drive home with it as it was so aromatic, it made my stomach churn.

When I finally made it home, save for a few minutes to warm it up in the oven, I finally got a taste. It was well-seasoned and moist. The side of rice was perfect accompaniment. For the price I paid, I think I’ll come back once again for another go at this cheap eats. Definitely bargain done well.

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