Altona Kabob

Posted on October 13, 2014


Lately, my solution on how to feed myself when I have very long days was to buy take-out food good for a few days. With the two jobs I keep, there are days that are literally 15 – 16 hours long that I could not think of cooking nor even passing by a restaurant to get some food. So before the long day comes, I always make a point of buying food that would last me for two days. Something that I do not tire of easily. I find Iranian food to fit the bill, koobideh to be specific, still taste very good on the second day.

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Living in North York, I have tried several Iranian restaurants close by. After a few tries of different restaurant, I now how a favourite go-to Iranian place. It’s Altona Kabob northeast of Yonge and Finch or alternately, southeast of Yonge and Steeles. I have no idea how they make the basic kabob but I am really addicted to its aroma and taste. Each one is grilled as it is ordered and so it comes as fresh as you can wish it to be. As I am less than 5 minutes away, I always bring it home. The koobideh comes hot and moist and the fluffiest saffron-scented rice. Even the simple grilled tomato gives me so much satisfaction as I enjoy its tartness with a bite of grilled meat.

With a recent trip, as I was waiting for my food, I was checking out their buffet trays where more food I knew nothing about was looking so delicious. I stopped at one tray as I thought I recognized it to be somewhat of an eggplant dish. When I asked how it was cooked, the person behind the counter just simply said that it’s eggplant with tomatoes. Now how can you go wrong with that? I asked for the name of the dish but I regret I don’t remember how it is called. I guess just saying eggplant with rice would do the job. LOL. It was a meal on its own but it was more spectacular to it together with the koobideh.

I just know that this is not the last time I will be visiting Altona Kabob. I think it will be one of those restaurant that I would always frequent as I don’t plan on slowing down on the photoshoots. It is my reward for a very long day of hard work. :)
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