Encore Catering Open House

Posted on October 15, 2014


Last week I was invited to Encore Catering‘s Open House. I have been lucky enough once before to attend their Holly Go Lightly event last year so I very well know that I was in for a real treat of foodie pleasures with Chef Roshan Wanasingha at the helm. It was a food event I looked forward to.

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The event started quite early at 5pm.  The afternoon was rainy and gloomy but I forgot about it all when I got off my car and saw the little pleasures of having valet parking.    I could tell by then that Encore Catering thought of everything to make all invited guests comfortable.  It’s always those little details of thoughtfulness that makes events really memorable.  As I walked through reception,  I saw the familiar faces of owners Cary and David Silber and I am surprised that they remember my name, company and the recap I wrote for the last event.  I didn’t expect that as there were a lot of foodies invited that night.  Ushering me in, I got into  a conversation with Ryan Silber, VP of Operations and I quickly see that the kitchen got transformed again into food stations for us to mill about.  As I check out the menus that were flashed on wide TV screens, I had a full understanding it would be a night of indulgence.

I gravitated towards the bar first.  I discovered that for the night,  @BarChefTO was standing behind the counter.  As there were rows of spoon with foam that turned out to be martini in a foam.  That was a good start indeed.

Checking the food stations, I find I was one of the early guests and I have the leisure of moving from one station to the other photographing the food and the crew behind it.  I was balking at the variety of food that I was in for the night.  What made it especially interesting is that other than the prepared food, there were stations where you can pick and choose.  One station was Asian-themed where one can customize their cold spring rolls.  I definitely had a lot of fun in that as I know the flavours well.  A second station was called Philly Cheese where you ask for fresh canapés of filet mignon on a yorkshire pudding just to name one of the selections.  Moving further, there were a row of tiny bamboo steamers with fresh shrimp rolls.  If I only had that to eat, I probably would have eaten three.  LOL.

As I went back closer to the main kitchen, I finally see once again Chef Roshan Wanasingha.  He got my attention when he described one dish he wanted me to try: a mac n’cheese stuffed chicken wing with a disc of a Caesar salad on the side.  Like the stuffed chicken wing was not enough of a conversation starter, I was enthralled by the idea that the flavours of a Caesar salad in one tiny disc of a pancake.  As promised all the flavours were there after a bite.  I definitely appreciate the amount of work that must have been.

Tasting more, I had bites of the pan-seared scallop sitting prettily over a parmesan crusted filet mignon.   Deep flavours were dancing in my palette that I finished the whole thing.  Another delightful dish was the lamb breast confit.  Simple, deep flavours sang through, nothing to mask it, only its own tones made it simply delicious.

After all that food, I was definitely close to my limit.  I am not really one to go crazy on desserts but seeing the spread that they have for the night, I knew I have to try at least one.  Rows of different flavours of macarons,  dainty pastries were up for grabs but I opted for the olive oil ice cream with grapefruit granita and grapefruit jelly.  Going to the coffee station, I ended the night with fresh espresso.  It was definitely a very special night of good food and exceptional service.

Thank you once again for the invitation, Encore Catering!  I absolutely had fun with all the pampering and treats at your Encore Catering Open House. Congratulations on your very successful open house!


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