Durham Cafe

Posted on October 25, 2014


Tere is my oldest friend in Toronto, meeting her on my first year in Toronto. We used to go on constant road trips to explore to get to know Canada. Now years later and a week ago, we set on another road trip to Lindsay, Ontario. It was to go and check out the Crayola Annual Sale bright and early. The sale was supposed to start at 8AM and we started driving at about 6AM. I know, I know, it is crazy to get out of bed too early on a Saturday morning. But well, this is why Tere and I have been friends this long. We keep things interesting by being this kind of crazy (insert grin here).

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All I managed to get myself that day was a thermos of coffee. As we reached Lindsay a little past 7AM, my stomach grumbled and I was glad I did my homework. I have already have one place I thought I could check out for breakfast. We headed out to Durham Cafe for breakfast.

It was easy enough to find, Lindsay still sleepy a town as we drove through its small streets. I was quite happy that they were open 7AM early and they seem to be a popular local breakfast place as it was more than half full. It surely gave me a comfort.

Seeing the menu, I noticed that they have special mention for their potato pancakes. I asked for sausages with apple sauce with the potato pancake and Tere had the conventional buttermilk pancakes also with a side of sausages. I must apologize I didn’t get a decent picture of the potato pancakes. Must have been too sleepy to get it right. LOL. Just take my word for it, it was comforting to taste, with textured crisp on the outside and a potato mash on the inside. I would definitely have it again if Durham Cafe was closer to me. The buttermilk pancake was equally a treat to have that morning. It was a good start indeed.

Lining up for the Crayola sale, I was happy that my tummy was warm from the food and the good coffee that I enjoyed at Durham Cafe. If you are ever in the area, crazily as early as I was, do swing by. It would give you a good head start for the day.

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