Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

Posted on October 25, 2014


I have been a fan of Chef Nuit for so long that when I heard that she opened another restaurant in Toronto, it was something I definitely wanted to check out.  This time around, she was back at the Financial district, opening Pai Northern Thai Kitchen at Duncan St and Adelaide St.

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For my first visit at Pai, I was with one of my favourite dining partners, @TitaFlips, a.k.a. Diona Joyce.  She understands me very well as her birthday treat to me was always a good dinner.  For the night, we took a chance to go to Pai without a reservation.  They do take it but not on the same day.  I could have researched that ahead but with the busy scheduled I have kept lately, I didn’t have the foresight.  I prayed that since we were there on a rainy Monday night, that the restaurant wouldn’t be full of foodies like me.  Opening the tall doors, we were received right away and I held my breath as I waited for him to check whether he could give us a table.  I guess my birthday angel was on my side.  He told us that there was someone who just cancelled their reservation and we can take their table.  Yay for me and Diona!  It didn’t even stop there.  The table was awesome as it was very well lighted, not too dim, not too harsh and bright either.  Perfect for a food blogger like me.

I loved the ambience of the place.  With amber lights strategically placed to give the interiors a warm feel, the place was considerably big with a good number of tables and long bar to boot.  Checking the menu, I was bewildered of how many good possibilities they offer.  Thank God I was with Diona as we always split the food and I get to enjoy more than one dish.  For that night we agreed on the squash fritters Grabong for starters, Gaeng Hunglay (pork belly in sweet and sour ginger curry) and Khao Soi (egg noodles in a golden curry topped with crispy noodles, coriander and braised beef).  For drinks we opted to get Thai Milk Tea and Lemon Grass Ice Tea.  Doesn’t that list make you hungry?

Just as expected, the squash fritters was warmly accepted by my growling tummy.  The crispy fritters were so addicting and the tamarind dip I just know I could slurp it like a soup.  LOL.  Just like Khao San Road, the dishes at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen was generous in size.  But when in a middle of a good conversation with, each morsel magically disappeared.  When it was that good, it just feel natural to keep on popping it on your mouth one after another.

The mains followed with each dish presented in asian clay bowls.  Just the presentation gave me a lot of nostalgia as I grew up enjoying the same comforts as a kid.  It definitely heightened the experience.  The egg noodles swimming in golden curry was just amazing, the heat gave it that extra zip without burning the tummy.  I was still putting the curry gravy on my spoon long after I decided that I was too full.  The pork belly was just as tasty.  If you are to order the same thing, make sure you get to get that sauce with each bite of the pork belly and a spoonful of jasmine rice.  It is the only way to enjoy it.

Thank you Diona for the gift of a dinner and good company.  This dinner at Pai was definitely one of the highlights of my birthday. :)
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