Soma and Lil’ Baci

Posted on May 10, 2015


Yesterday was the first day this year where I really felt the warmth. The winter has been too long (again!) that to have blue skies and a temperature on the high twenties was such a blessing. You can see the difference on the streets as Torontonians came out in full force. Just like them, I went by my errands yesterday and found myself at the Distillery District.

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I have said countless times that the Distillery is one of my favourite places in Toronto.   The warmth of the brick buildings and cobble stones that make the compound does not grow old with me.  Any excuse I have I will use.  This weekend it was to pick up a photobook at Pikto.  And because I was already in the vicinity, I had to drop in my favourite shops, Biltmore Domicile, Bergo Designs and Blackbird Vintage Finds.  When I get tired my hang-out place is usually Balzac Coffee. But they seem to have renovations galore and I later found them relocated temporarily close to Pikto.  But I thought this time around, chocolate was in order.  Soma is conveniently right beside Bergo Designs, so my caffeine came from the silky smooth luscious hot chocolate of Soma.

When I got hungry, I decided to go further east to Leslieville. Leslieville is one of those cozy neighbourhoods in Toronto that has charming shops and restaurants line Queen St. East. I found myself at Lil Baci as I saw from another food blogger that they have quite a spacious patio at the back. I was in the mood to be out in the open to celebrate the warmth of this weekend and it was fortunate that there are many tables as I walked in close to 2pm. Brunch at Lil Baci lasts until 4pm.

Lil Baci was relaxed, with fabrics draping the length of the patio and it allowed the brightness of the sun go through and gave that summery warmth as I had my meal. I opted for the Lil’ Baci Baked Eggs accompanied by their bottomless coffee. I must have sighed so many times at how good it was to feel unstressed. Each forkful was a joy, the eggs still runny on the inside and the roasted cherry tomatoes were tiny bursts of tartness as I bit into each luscious one I could find. I was perfectly happy that they threw in Italian sausage and stringy cheese in the mix. I wouldn’t change anything on that perfect brunch dish.

Something about seeing bright blue skies really make me cheerful and motivates me to do more. I was inspired to start blogging so I walked my way to the local Starbucks just right up the corner from Lil’ Baci. I am one of those people who can sit and type so fast once I am in the right space. So ordering myself a cup of green tea, I typed away.

Such a productive day on such a beautiful weekend. Here’s to many more this coming months!

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