Bangkok Nights at Bangkok Garden

Posted on July 4, 2015


Recently, I have been invited to come once again to Bangkok Garden for their Bangkok Night event. I have enjoyed their food on other occasions, it was good to be back again. I could always count on them to be consistently good in both their food and their service. That must be the very reason why they have been in business for such a long time. I must say to claim longevity in the Toronto food scene is quite a feat in itself.

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As I came close to the restaurant, I saw the bustle of activity by the patio. It was setup for BBQ skewers and I hoped that I get to try that. The restaurant has depth and it looks deceptively small at street level. Walking in, you would be met by a sleek modern bar with tables with banquet seating. But there is more to it than meets the eye. If you walk in deeper, the traditional interiors would greet you.

The event let us go roam the whole depth of the restaurant as they have separate food stations along the way. I immediately gravitated to the noodle soup station. The last time I was here, it was the best one that I have enjoyed, flat rice noodles with chicken strips with a clear broth. We have the chance to customize it to the way we want it but I figured it would be best if I tell the crew to do it whichever way they think best. And after a blurry of motions of taking a bit of each from the ingredients in front of her, she ends up with an amazing soup, flavourful with just a touch of heat. It was just there for a kick and it doesn’t burn. It gives that comfy warmth in your tummy. If the line wasn’t too long, I would have probably taken another bowl once again.

I took solace in the second food station where they were sautéing shrimps in garlic. Now, to any Filipino, that aroma would always beckon. Done right, you would be able to taste the sweetness of the plump shrimp and I had a few and each of them was such a pleasure to nibble on.

There were also servers walking around with Chinese boxes filled with Chicken Pad Thai. Surely, one of their best dishes, the Pad Thai was just about how I remembered it from the last time. Tasty without being overpowering. It was delicious. The simplicity of the dish would comfort you. It was one of the reasons I like coming back to Bangkok Garden, they just remind me of home comforts each time.

As I was eating, I got to meet another Thai food enthusiast who asked to sit by my table and we ended up talking about food. What I find embarrassing was that despite the lengthy conversation, I don’t think I remembered to ask her name. She made sure I got more sautéed shrimps, mango & sweet rice dessert and banana fritters. And she also scored me some of the BBQ skewers. She told me that she was there for the food and have travelled from Keele and Steeles just to try Bangkok Garden. I guess when the food is good, people do make the effort to get the experience.

Thank you once again for the invitation and hospitality. It was a pleasure to be part of your Bangkok Nights.
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