Posted on July 4, 2015


Thursday was one of those days that came by so quickly and I was going through my work with one task after another. It was such a blur of things that I forgot to stop for lunch. An hour before it was all said and done, I sat on my desk, satisfied that I plowed most of the paper piles and got things done. In the midst of my mental weariness, I jokingly told myself that I deserved a nice meal after all that work. Trying to remember all of the places I am keeping my eye on, my mind wandered off to Flock. I thought a good roasted chicken would be a good ending to my day.

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Flock just recently opened at Adelaide and Peter Sts at downtown Toronto. Parking was a little bit daunting but I persevered and found a spot by the side street at Peter St. Walking to the restaurant was a short from that parking gem at Peter and King. I was there before I could start whining I was too tired to walk. The place have a minimalist style of interiors, high exposed ceilings and a few bar height communal tables to sit on. I was supposed to want one of their photogenic salad creations as a side to my roasted chicken but my heart just wanted the sweet potatoes after I saw that it was rotisserie roasted and seasoned with chili and lime salt. In my mind, those flavours sing so I went ahead and hoped that I did the right choice.

The service was pretty quick and they handed me my roasted chicken and sweet potatoes in a paper bowl. The aroma was very inviting and my tummy went growling. That was why I only have a few pics to show. I was way overdue for a meal and it was harder to take pics for my blog when my hunger took over. The chicken was soft, moist and flavourful and I was right about the sweet potatoes cutting into the richness with the lime giving it that highlight to keep things interesting. Everything in that bowl I finished, licking the bones literally. I do that when I really like the roasted chicken. It’s that little frame of time where I am happy and sad at the same time that I just finished a good meal but I know I am too full to have more. Happy and sad and I can’t decide for a second which one I will be. I know it’s all silliness but it was what was going through my head as I put down the bone. LOL.

Thursday was indeed a very good day.

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